We assemble according to your requirements, we operate the stock and deliver worldwide, on your behalf. If needed, we care for the required customs documents and provide necessary certificates for the corresponding country. Whatever you want us to do, we deliver to the enduser, reseller or distributor.

Managed Forecast

Together we plan your and our warehouse. Our managed forecast system provides a quick overview of the planned sales activities. Thus, we can offer optimum delivery times. For large projects, we share the forecast risk with you.

Logistic & Services

We will ship the manufactured systems on your behalf worldwide. If requested, we provide you with the necessary customs documents or obtain the ones needed for the target country. Whatever you prefer: We ship to distributors, resellers and endusers. You can focus on your running business while we take care of the rest.

On Stock

We care about stock and delivery. If requested, we can send directly to your customer. In this way we can offer a maximum of cost-effective storage for you. Finally, we will also take care of the waste disposal according to WEEE.

While you care for your daily business, we will do the complete handling for you. After all, we will also handle the recycling according to WEEE rules. You can find more information about our return concept here.


More than 2000 reseller partners across the EU can serve you, wherever it is possible.


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