Sometimes off the shelf is not enough! For all customers who like to have a unique appliance which resembles the own company and want to add value to their own products, we offer various forms of customization. This ensures that your product accurately promotes your brand and leaves a lasting impression with your customers.

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How it works:


1- The clipping mask of the front panel is sent to the customer (vector graphic)

2- Customer sends back the draft design

3- We implement your changes in the original graphic and order a demo plate

4- After the demo plate is delivered, we test the frontplate on the system. If all labels are correct, the frontplate is sent to the client

5- If the customer is satisfied, the frontplate will be ordered in the requested quantity for delivery

Serial number sticker

1- We discuss the desired serial numbers with the client or take the manufacturer ones

2- Logo is requested by the customer as a vector graphic

3- Sticker is designed

4- Certifications like CE are added

5- Demo stickers are printed and sent to the customer. Adaptation will be implemented

6- After release, the stickers are printed on demand

Warranty sticker with logo

If you remove or damage the warranty stickers, the guarantee is void. So you can see straight away whether the seal has already been broken or removed, which is contrary to the guarantee agreements

1- Customer logo will be designed on the warranty sticker

2- Warranty stickers will be ordered

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