Quality Management


Quality is not only an idea, it is a way of life! We always ensure the best quality for all of our units. From Burn-In tests to serial number databases upto hardware checks; the quality of our products and services is most important to us.

How it works:

Hardware Check

1- After successful assembly of the systems, they will be checked “screw by screw” by our technical experts.

2- After installing the software and the Burn-In test, the hardware is subject to a further stress test and will undergo a full test again and will be sealed by a QS employee.

Serial number database

1- All used components are recorded in a database.

2- In our database it is very easily traceable which components belong to which system.

3- This helps to ensure an early identification of possible serial defects.

Burn-In Test

1- 24h stress test for any system before shipment.

2- 48h temperature stress testing of new products.

3- Comprehensive function tests of our entire hardware are carried out. Burn-In tests are guarantees for the quality of our products.

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