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scope7 Open Source Appliances

scope7 is a scalable appliance family, from the smallest, power-saving scope7-6907 with four Ethernet ports to the modular high-end platform with 10G Base-T modules or 40G glass fiber technology. All scope7 appliances are preinstalled to your requirements and offer a perfect platform for the available open source solutions. Every open source solution is subjected to a strict quality test and is intensively tested in advance.

Find the right open source appliance for your needs, preinstalled with one of the following software solutions: OPNsense®, flexiWAN, Zenarmor, Proxmox, FRRouting, IPFire or Untangle®. We offer different fully ready-to-run appliances and a wide range of hardware so you will not have any difficulty finding the right appliance that is perfect for you.

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