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Desktop Appliances

Network Appliance Hardware

Our Network appliances deliver industry-leading performance, IO and dependability. Deploy your application on a Landitec proofed network appliance platform for best-in-class compatibility, service quality and long-term supply.

  • Companies use a network appliance because it provides the following benefits over general purpose servers or computers:
  • Easy deployment – Simply unpack, power on, configure IP and it’s done.
  • Compatibility – Removes local environmental factors.
  • Long-term brand value – an appliance is visible, attractive and a constant reminder to your value.
  • Purpose design – Appliances optimize performance, security and scalability.

Industrial DW Rail Box

Industrial Appliance Hardware

Taking aim at the many unique system integration challenges associated with industrial computing, Lanner has created a product line designed specifically for this demanding environment. By working closely with their customers, our vendors have developed a number of key features that address specific issues encountered in power and energy applications. Isolation protection, easier I/O access, dual-power input, IEC 61850-3 certifications and support for fiber-optic modules are some of the many components our customers have requested that we now deliver in the various models of industrial computing Appliances. Customers choose our vendors industrial PCs to streamline their system integration efforts and speed their products to market.


Open Source Appliance Solutions

When many people with many different motivations and backgrounds work together, they can create something great. This is mostly the case with open source software. We believe in the open source community and want to promote their great software solutions and combine them with our powerful hardware. This will guarantee a great experience and saves time, since the hardware has been selected and tested with the software already.

In-Vehicle Computer

In-Vehicle Computer

Our in-vehicle PCs provide industrial-grade computing solutions for a wide range of mobile applications. Vehicle mounted computers can be used for infotainment systems in taxis, buses, airplanes or any railway systems. Mobile surveillance platforms can be used for tracking and monitoring mission-critical vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, vessels or UAV. In-vehicle GPS and 3G communication systems can be used for fleet management in long-distance trucking operations.

multiappliance business


The all-purpose weapon when it comes to virtualization.

Consolidation of hyper-convergent infrastructures with focus on performance, flexibility, investment protection, and cost reduction.

Flexibility, scalability and ease of use. When using the MultiAppliance-Center you have the possibility to virtually install your network applications with some click’s. Just choose from a variety of pre-configured software solutions.




We guide you from the idea to the finished product



We bring your design on your appliance



Coordinated on demand assembling



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Landitec quality management

We guide you from the idea to the finished product

We bring your design on your appliance

Coordinated on demand assembling

Landitec logistics & services

Landitec quality management

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