Hardware Consulting


Hardware Consulting - Landitec Services

Through our years of experience in the appliance, hardware and peripherals section, we can provide every customer with a broad range of expertise and experience. We support you in choosing the right appliance and the relevant equipment. Use our technical know-how, in order to adapt the optimum Appliance.

  • Hardware tests

    Each of our appliances is subjected to a lot of tests before shipment. Stress tests, temperature tests and burn-in tests are just a selection. Our failure rate is below 1%.

  • Installation of Software

    You want your hardware already fully installed before shipment? No problem! We take care of completely pre-installed and fully operative appliances.

  • Appliance trial time

    After selecting the proper appliance we give you the possibility of a pilot project, you check the appliance thoroughly.

  • Optimization

    If after the test phase further requests or changes occur, we can help you optimize the device.

  • Assembly instructions

    To provide maximum comfort, you will get an appropriate assembly instruction with every appliance.

  • Quickstart Guide

    To ensure a quick set-up of your appliance, a quickstart guide is added into every shipment.

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