Appliance Lifecycle

The range of services at Landitec comprises the steps from choosing the right components up to the finished bulk shipment. Whether the entire service package or only parts are requested - the choice is yours, everything is possible. We guide you from the idea to the finished product.

Our Services for you

The right appliance for your specific needs.
Who would ever think of plowing a land with an upper-class car? This is in doubt better with a 20hp tractor than a 200hp sedan. The tractor is not only better, it will also consume less fuel and would win the long-term test contrary to the sedan. Similarly good would perform an appliance compared to a standard hardware. We help you to find the right product for your needs.
Proof of concept and subsequent optimization for mass production
After selecting the right device for your needs, we help you to optimize the device, so that it'll fit 100% to your needs. We provide you with demo appliances and, if desired, already pre-installed with your software. The entire device, both hardware and software, is put to the acid test.
Customized frontplate - Warranty label & Serial number label
Landitec can assist in the designing of customized branded appliance. Everything is possible. We realize any design proposal or a complete new arrangement. A free example of a created front lable can help to make the right decision.
We use only selected components with low failure rate and long-term availability
Our customers benefit from, among other things from on demand assembling, complete charge tracking, monitoring of all components and additional safety through our ESD safety work stations.
We create a suitable mass production installation routine for your software
Through our years of experience in the appliance market, we can provide our customers a unique assistance. By our optimized installation process with our Applipacks, software installations of any kind are no problem. Also simultaneous mass installations cause no problems.
24-hour stress test
Temperature test
Each of our appliances is subjected to strict tests before shipment. Stress tests, temperature tests and burn-in tests are just a selection. Our failure rate is below 1%. Years and years of customer satisfaction further underlines our quality additionally.
Logistics and warehousing from individual deliveries up to tall shipments
Our qualified RMA and support team will support you in all concerns if necessary

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