Industrial Appliance Solution

Taking aim at the many unique system integration challenges associated with industrial computing, Lanner has created a product line designed specifically for this demanding environment. By working closely with their customers, Lanner have developed a number of key features that address specific issues encountered in power and energy applications. Isolation protection, easier I/O access, dual-power input, IEC 61850-3 certifications and support for fiber-optic modules are some of the many components Lanner customers have requested that we now deliver in the LEC-3 and the LEC-6 Series. Customers choose Lanner industrial PCs to streamline their system integration efforts and speed their products to market.

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Benefits of Industrial Appliance Solutions

Diversified I/O Design

Various I/O options, including multiple COM, LAN, USB, CF, VGA and Phoenix Contacts connectors.

Advanced Protection

Most Lanner systems feature protected connectors to cope with harsh environments, such as isolated COM/DIO with ESD/surge protection,and magnetic isolated LAN ports.

IEC 61850-3 Compliance

Most of LEC-3/6 product lines pass IEC 61850-3 compliance. The test certifies electrostatic discharge, fast transient (burst immunity), surge immunity, radiated RF susceptibility, and other criteria.

Wide Temperature

Built to be ruggedized to tolerate a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to 75°C when installed with industrial components (CF, SSD and flash memory).

Dual Power Inputs

Many of the LEC-6000 series support power input options of 12V~36Vdc or 12V~48Vdc. Our systems use terminal blocks to connect two power inputs for backup supply.

High-Performance CPU

Exceptional computing performance, and outstanding energy efficiency made possible by Intel® Core™, Atom™ or Celeron® processors.

DIN-Rail Mounting

Majority of our industrial platforms are designed with DIN-Rail mounting option for convenient installation in industrial environments.

Fanless Design

Without the most frequently replaced part, the systems can be widely deployed in various environments.

Low -Power Consumption

Many of our industrial box PCs use low power Intel® Atom™ processor with 13W, 6.5W or even only 3.5W TDP (Thermal Design Power).