OPNsense Appliance Solutions

OPNsense® is an open source firewall and routing platform. The community of this open source projects aim to provide an easy-to-use application which simultaneously offers a range of features usually to be found in expensive commercial firewalls. OPNsense® is available without license costs and offers notably better price/performance ratio. The main intention of OPNsense® is to provide a user-friendly, reliable and transparent environment. The security platform comes with frequent updates and 2 major releases every year.

Due to a strong focus on security and code quality, the OPNsense® appliances perfectly match networking security requirements of all business sizes. Together with our strictly tested high quality hardware, a merge to a high-throughput OPNsense® hardware solution is being achieved. High-end features such as traffic shaping, intrusion detection, VPN, netflow exporter and forward caching proxy guarantee great efficiency and security performance. OPNsense® hardware appliances provide reliable protection for all kinds of networks (e.g. business, school, remote offices etc.).

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