Crypto/Decrypto Acceleration

Lanner VPN Accelerator Cards provide high-performance, tunneling and encryption services suitable for site-to-site and remote access applications. This hardware-based VPN acceleration is optimized to handle the repetitive but voluminous mathematical functions required for IPsec. Offloading encryption functions to the card not only improves IPsec encryption processing, but also maintains high-end firewall performance. As an integral component of many high-end VPN and UTM appliances, Lanner VPN cards can be integrated onto the motherboard.

PCI Express x 8

AV-ICE01 is equipped with PCI Express x8 golden finger, it can be insert into PCI-E x8 expansion slot or NIC module slot of Lanner network appliances. For example, customer of FW-Series can purchase this hardware acceleration card to speed up the VPN crypto/decrypo capability.

Intel® QuickAssist Technology

IntelCave Creek chipset comes with QuickAssist®? technology, it processes and accelerates packet workloads in cryptography and compression.

Intel® Communication Chipset 8910 Series

The Intel® Communication Chipset 8910 Series includes Intel® QuickAssist Technology for improved cryptographic and compression performance. This chipset series provides hardware offload assistance up to 10Gbps for virtual private networks (VPNs) and helps storage and network optimization applications better handle compression and decompression tasks.


  • Crypto/decrypto Acceleration-PCI ExpressTM x8
  • Intel® Communication Chipset 8910 Series with Intel® QuickAssist Technology.

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