SFP Series

Key Features:

  • Compliant with specifications for IEEE802.3Z
  • Multi-source package with Duplex LC Connector
  • Eye Safety Designed to meet Laser Class1
  • Compliant with IEC60825-1
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply
  • Hot-Pluggable
  • Monitoring interface compliant with SFF-8472
  • Complies with Bellcore TA-NWT-000983


  • Switch/Router
  • SAN/Server
  • Other optical transmission systems

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Part NumberFormData RateTx(nm)Pout(dB)      Rx            Se(dBm)            Connector            DDM            Distance      
ETS-FE13-02MDSFP155M1310nm-20 ̴14PIN<-28LCYES2km
ETS-FE13-20DSFP155M1310nm-15 ̴-8PIN<-32LCYES20km
ETS-FE13-40DSFP155M1310nm-10 ̴-3PIN<-34LCYES40km
ETS-FE15-80DSFP155M1550nm-5 ̴0PIN<-32LCYES80km
ETS-1213-20DSFP622M1310nm-15 ̴-8PIN<-26LCYES20km
ETS-1213-40DSFP622M1310nm-10 ̴-3PIN<-28LCYES40km
ETS-1215-80DSFP622M1550nm-5 ̴0PIN<-32LCYES80km
ETS-GE85-SXDSFP1.25G850nm-10 ̴-3PIN<-18LCYES550m
ETS-GE13-20DSFP1.25G1310nm-10 ̴-3PIN<-22LCYES20km
ETS-GE13-40DSFP1.25G1310nm-5 ̴0PIN<-22LCYES40km
ETS-GE15-80DSFP1.25G1550nm0 ̴+5PIN<-26LCYES80km
ETS-GE15-120DSFP1.25G1550nm0 ̴+5PIN<-32LCYES120km
ETS-4885-03DSFP2.5G850nm-10 ̴-3PIN<-16LCYES300m
ETS-4813-20DSFP2.5G1310nm-5 ̴0PIN<-18LCYES20km

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