Landitec now provides new Groupware Appliance

Landitec extends its product range with an appliance which is equipped with Open-Source-Groupware Tine 2.0. Tine 2.0 is now available in a pre-configured and pre-optimized Hard- and Software bundle. This “Ready-to-use Appliance” is a common development of SECUDOS and Metaways, a Software Manufacturer from Hamburg.

Tine 2.0 is a webbased Open Source Groupware solution which combines the classical email- and calendar function with further specifically selected applications (CRM, time tracking, file manager and others). Groupware offers a high degree of user friendliness, thus substantially simplifying workflows. It enables events and tasks to be matched, addresses, contacts or files can be shared with colleagues or just co-ordinating employess and vendors – Tine 2.0 offers numerous individual opportunities. For accessing Tine 2.0 you only need a web-browser as well as an open interface like WebDAV, CalDAV or CardDAV. The sync with smartphones is also included.

The new All-In-One solution combines Tine 2.0 Business Edition with a silent desktop-solid server. This new Box is offered in an attractive price segment. Reseller can obtain it immediately at Landitec Distribution (

When purchasing Tine 2.0 you will benefit not only from a satisfactory margin that Landitec will grant you for the Appliance, but you will profit from a wide spectrum of Tine 2.0 software, ranging from consulting, installation and service, in order to develop interesting projects as the integration of Tine 2.0 Appliance requires proven experience and expertise.

Tine 2.0 can replace Outlook in many cases. The best thing about Tine 2.0 is that it really creates a win-win situation for you and your customers as it benefits secure processing of emails in their own networks, timetables, contact data and anddresses are available whenever and wherever, whithout to have fear to use unsafe services in the cloud. Tine 2.0 can be integrated in this strategy like any other mobile devices. Learn more about Tine 2.0:

In its first development Tine 2.0 Appliance is optimized for 25 users. Further versions for 50, 75 and 100 users will follow shortly.

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