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SECUDOS Load-Balancer

SECUDOS SLB Load-Balancer Family powered by BalanceNG®

E-business comes to life through availability of web-applications, E-Mail-services, terminal accesses or media-streaming, 24 hours / 7 days a week. The reaction time should be very short indeed. The easy to use SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB is the right solution for an enterprise's network. It cares for efficient scalability of single applications. The SLB is one of the most cost-effective solutions, which are currently available in the IP-Load-Balancing market.

BalanceNG certified system Load Balancer Appliance SLB-800


In High-Performance work environments the SLB distributes the incoming traffic via different servers like RoundRobin, Server Waighting, Least Connections, Random and many more. A further winning feature is that the SLB is equipped with the SECUDOS SDR-Technology. With this technology the customer is able to start a complete recovery of the appliance, including the complete configuration. This is typically done within only a few minutes.

The user can choose different installation methods like, single legged, single legged DSR (Direct Server Return), dual legged and LLB (Linked Load-Balancing) for an easy integration of the SLB into the network.

BalanceNG certified system Load Balancer Appliance SLB-2000

To prevent that the Load Balancer itself will not become the "Single Point of Failure" , it disposes of an active/passive high-performance. Every SLB appliance is based upon the SECUDOS own hardened Linux operating system DOMOS. The Web-GUI of DOMOS is deployed for easy use.




  • Layer 2-4 Load-Balancing Appliance
  • IPv6 Load-Balancing
  • Link Load-Balancing
  • Direct Server Return support
  • Server Load-Balancing for TCP and UDP based protocols
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Server Health Check Certified BalanceNG Load Balancer System LogoHardened Linux DOMOS
  • Live Update System
  • SSH and HTTPS remote access
  • SDR - Appliance recovery including
  • Complete configuration backup
  • Multi Appliance Active-Passive
  • High Availability (VRRP)
  • Best Price/Performance ratio
  • Purpose built Appliance
  • and many more

Application Examples

  • Web servers
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Servers providing SMTP services
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Security gateways ( Proxy Servers,
  • Firewalls, SSL-VPNs)

Boost up your network with the SECUDOS Load Balancer Appliances!

More informations about the BalanceNG® software from Inlab at

We also offer different Support possibilites for the soft- and hardware of the Load Balancer.
Including coldstandby units, High Availability possibilites and many more.

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SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB-2000 with outstanding performance for big enterprises

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The SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB-800 with outstanding performance for middle ranged companys

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( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )

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