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it-sa 2015 the Highlight for the IT Security Sector

Trends & Innovations in the IT Security Sector | 6 - 8 October 2015, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

it-sa is the only IT security exhibition in the German-speaking region and one of the most important worldwide events. Whether cloud computing, IT forensics, data security or hosting, the exhibition is a unique platform for IT security officers, developers and providers of products and services for IT security. it-sa opens its doors in Nuremberg from 6 - 8 October 2015.

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SECUDOS Load-Balancer

SECUDOS SLB Load-Balancer Family powered by BalanceNG®

E-business comes to life through availability of web-applications, E-Mail-services, terminal accesses or media-streaming, 24 hours / 7 days a week. The reaction time should be very short indeed. The easy to use SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB is the right solution for an enterprise's network. It cares for efficient scalability of single applications. The SLB is one of the most cost-effective solutions, which are currently available in the IP-Load-Balancing market.

In High-Performance work environments the SLB distributes the incoming traffic via different servers like RoundRobin, Server Waighting, Least Connections, Random and many more. A further winning feature is that the SLB is equipped with the SECUDOS SDR-Technology. With this technology the customer is able to start a complete recovery of the appliance, including the complete configuration. This is typically done within only a few minutes.

The user can choose different installation methods like, single legged, single legged DSR (Direct Server Return), dual legged and LLB (Linked Load-Balancing) for an easy integration of the SLB into the network.


BalanceNG certified system Load Balancer Appliance SLB-2000


To prevent that the Load Balancer itself will not become the "Single Point of Failure" , it disposes of an active/passive high-performance. Every SLB appliance is based upon the SECUDOS own hardened Linux operating system DOMOS. The Web-GUI of DOMOS is deployed for easy use.

  • Layer 2-4 Load-Balancing Appliance
  • IPv6 Load-Balancing
  • Link Load-Balancing
  • Direct Server Return support
  • Server Load-Balancing for TCP and UDP based protocols
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Server Health Check Certified BalanceNG Load Balancer System LogoHardened Linux DOMOS
  • Live Update System
  • SSH and HTTPS remote access
  • SDR - Appliance recovery including
  • Complete configuration backup
  • Multi Appliance Active-Passive
  • High Availability (VRRP)
  • Best Price/Performance ratio
  • Purpose built Appliance
  • and many more

Application Examples

  • Web servers
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Servers providing SMTP services
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Security gateways ( Proxy Servers,
  • Firewalls, SSL-VPNs)



Support Packages


The SECUDOS SupportPackage is valid for a period of at least 12 months. For a new purchased appliance periods of up to 36 months can be purchased. Where appropriate for a specific project even longer periods are possible on demand. The most important part of the SupportPackage (SP) is the Advanced Appliance Replacement. Should the SECUDOS Appliance fail one day, the reseller or its enduser can request an RMA.

SupportPackage Plus

For all users with high demand on availability of their systems, the SupportPackage Plus (SPP) is recommended. Included in the SupportPackage Plus is a preinstalled replacement unit, which will be delivered with the purchased unit. The SECUDOS SupportPackage Plus has a lifetime of 36 months. Longer lifetimes are possible on request.

 SupportPackage Plus HA

If two active Appliances for a HA-Cluster are needed to provide the highest availability, the SupportPackage Plus HA is recommended. The decisive difference between the  SECUDOS SupportPackage Plus HA and the SupportPackage Plus is the quantity of units. The User receives 3 identical and preinstalled units. Two of them are intended to run actively and the third one serves  as a replacement unit.




Software Subscription

BalanceNG® One Year Standard Software Support

Standard best effort email support package for up to 2 BalanceNG® Licenses. Includes remote configuration and snapshot analysis. Software upgrades are included. License replacement/relicensing is included.


BalanceNG® One Year High Priority Software Support

Covers support for up to 2 BalanceNG® Licenses and up to 12 maintenance and emergency cases with high priority email support, reaction time 24 hours, emergency bugfixing and workaround software builds if needed, remote access support and diagnosis (SSH). Includes remote configuration and snapshot analysis. Software upgrades are included. License replacement/relicensing is included.



Boost up your network with the SECUDOS Load Balancer Appliances!

More informations about the BalanceNG® software from Inlab at

We also offer different Support possibilites for the soft- and hardware of the Load Balancer.
Including coldstandby units, High Availability possibilites and many more.

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SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB-2000 with outstanding performance for big enterprises

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The SECUDOS Load-Balancer SLB-800 with outstanding performance for middle ranged companys

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( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )

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